The World of Toril


The world of the Forgotten Realms setting is Toril. This Earth-sized planet is dominated by oceans surrounding a handful of continents, the largest of which stretches more than 8,500 miles east to west.


Throughout most of its history Toril was known alternatively as Toril (more common) and Abeir-Toril (less so). Since the Spellplague and the revelation of the existence of a planetary sibling known as Abeir and the fact that both Abeir and Toril were once united the latter name has fallen out of disuse. Since the Spellplague the name Abeir-Toril has hence come to mean specifically the formerly united worlds of Abeir and Toril.

The name “Toril” is archaic, meaning either “cradle” or “life” in an extinct and forgotten language.

  • Faerûn: By far the most detailed continent of the world and arguably the most interesting.
  • Zakhara: A mostly hot, arid realm dominated by elemental forces and a philosophy of Fate and Honour.
  • Kara-Tur: The exotic east, steeped in ancient history like a fine tea.
  • Maztica: Primitive cultures bound by duty to their gods give blood sacrifices in return for power while those who disagree with the practice struggle to survive. (Note that in 1386 DR Maztica violently exchanged places with the lands of Abeir located there, known as Returned Abeir.)
  • Anchorome: Hardly explored, seemingly populated with violent elves and more of the humans found in Maztica.
  • Katashaka: South of what was Maztica. Unexplored.
  • Osse: Populated by spiritalists and druids, the spirit world and nature dominate the lives of its inhabitants.

The World of Toril

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