The Forest Kingdom of Cormyr lies at the western end of the Sea of Fallen Stars, nestled between the Storm Horns and the Thunder Peaks and stretching from the Stonelands to the Dragonmere.

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Dominated by humankind, Cormyr has been ruled by House Obarskyr for over fourteen centuries, with the strong backing of an army of heavily armored knights on Cormyrian destriers known throughout the Heartlands as The Purple Dragons, and magically potent mages trained to excel in battle, known as War Wizards.

The Forest Kingdom emerged from the Spellplague largely unscathed but threatened from the north by the resurrected Empire of Netheril, whose agents (called the Shadovar) are suspected to lurk in every shadow, and from the east by their Sembian clients.

In the past century, House Obarskyr has reclaimed its strong authority and reluctantly become an imperial power, conquering cities to the east and west. The populace has gained new freedoms and forms the backbone of the region’s strength. Armed adventurers are still required to carry a written charter, but such charters are now granted by any herald upon request.

Of primary note to all who would conduct adventures within Cormyr is that no adventurers may operate as a group without first acquiring a royal charter. The strict enforcement of this law began more than a century ago after the city of Gondegal raised a mercenary force from within Cormyr and tried to secede from the kingdom. Enforcement of the requirement of a charter is meant to prevent a recurrence of this sort of activity. Any group of five people or more is required to obtain a charter.


Without a charter, adventurers can be apprehended by any force representing the king, including the Purple Dragons, the War Wizards, and local militia. Given the peaceful nature of Cormyr and the power of these forces, it behooves a group of adventurers to register their names and obtain a charter. This may be done through the Lord Commander at High Horn, the Warden of the Eastern Marches in Arabel (Baron Thomdor), or the Chancellor or Lord High Marshal at the Royal Court in Suzail, as well as the king.

An adventuring band must disclose its members names and its number in the charter. This makes adding members to the group especially difficult, so those who apply for a charter should be confident of their group’s integrity before application. If someone is added, the group must make sure that the new member’s name is recorded in Suzail. Records of charters are updated on a monthly basis. Regardless, a group cannot number more than 30. Once a group is chartered, members must wear the group’s badge or coat of arms at all times.

Charters cost 1,000 golden lions, with an annual tax of 300 golden lions due on the anniversary of the signing of the charter. There is a late fee of 20 golden lions accrued per day for up to 10 days. If the tax is not paid, and the late fees are not paid by 10 days past the due date, the charter is revoked.

Having its charter revoked does not merely mean the band is barred from adventuring within Cormyr, but also that the group has decided to oppose the crown by wilfully refusing to renew the charter. The group is considered outlaw, and a warrant is issued for members arrest and detention. Once arrested, the group can still pay the overdue tax and late fees. If the members do pay, their charter will be reinstated and the group may resume its activities. Otherwise, the charter is revoked permanently, and the group may not assemble while Exploration wearing weapons.

Cormyr has a keen interest in keeping close tabs on those who walk the countryside bearing arms and who seemingly have no higher purpose than to merely “seek adventure”, which is a formula for unrest and chaotic behavior if there ever was one. The Purple Dragons generally dislike adventurers because of the disruptions they cause the peaceable Cormyreans.

Anyone with the power to issue a charter can revoke one at any time for any reason. Should a member of a given group commit a crime, that person is automatically removed from the list of registered names on the charter.

The charter gives the adventurers the right only to bear arms, not the right to conduct themselves in an uncivilized manner.


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