Ascendants Rising - A Forgotten Realms Campaign

20th Flamerule, 1479 - The Year of the Ageless One (Part 1)

The group sets off, south, through the basilisk tunnel. Eventually coming to a large cavern with a chasm splitting it in half, a rickety bridge across the chasm, and poisonous natural gas billowing along its course.
While trying to cross the bridge, Apavan’s giant spider mount collapses the bridge, and plummets into the chasm; eventually succumbing to the noxious fumes.

Apavan teleports the party across the chasm, and the party continues on.

Eventually the adventurers come to a dead-end the turns out to have a jumble of rock that hide access to another section of caves. Beyond the piled boulders, the sound of mining picks on stone.

Crawling through the hidden entrance, Koji discovers two of the Winterhaven villagers at forced labor! Garrastan Rivers and Herold Traster, both local Winterhaven farmers, greet Koji with tears in their eyes.


Warned of the group of duergar guarding over them in the other room, and a giant “beetle ape monster” they have with them, the party springs to the attack, surprising the duergar. The gray dwarves are quickly defeated, as is the umber hulk they had enslaved to help dig their tunnels.

In the other room, the party find yet another villager: Olivr “the Bird”, the local potter. The timid half-elf is eager to depart, so the party asks that Olivr and Herold wait beyond the hidden door while the group continues on. Garastan is determined to accompany the party, in hopes of find his wife Caitlynn.

As the adventurers work their way south, they encounter another work gang. Again, a hasty ambush serves the party well, catching the duergar slavers flatfooted, resulting in the rescue of even more villagers!

  • Jerrgen Long, farmer
  • Prerien Adriksin, basket weaver
  • Stefan White, half-elven weaver (textiles)
  • Brand Hruston, potter



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