Ascendants Rising - A Forgotten Realms Campaign

19 Kythorn, 1479 - The Year of the Ageless One

After resting in the Secret Armory (once again), the party set out to stop Kalarel from summoning Shadraxil the Shadow Dragon through the gate to the Shadowfell.

As with practically every sortie you’ve made to the 2nd level of the ancient keep’s dungeons, you quickly had a fight on your hands. This time, you made it all the way to the site of the previous session’s battle: the Ghoul Room (to whom Thunt lost an eye), with its stairway leading to the 3rd level. As an acolyte of Chauntea, the Earth Mother, it pained Thunt the Cleric to leave the two bodies the ghoul had been feeding on, without performing the necessary rituals to put their souls to rest, so Zekknar and Koji took up posts to watch for denizens of the dungeon, while Thunt did the Earth Mother’s good work.


Unfortunately, not long into the ritual, Zekknar spotted a force of hobgoblins approaching from the Statue Trap Room. The group quickly ducked into hiding, to see what the hobgoblins did, and take any tactical advantage they could if combat seemed prudent. As they approached, you couldn’t help but wonder at how the hobgoblins were practically right on your tail. Perhaps they were lying in wait? Maybe a scout had warned them of your passage? It seemed too large a group for a random patrol, and they were clearly looking for someone or something; you can only assume it was you. Not surprising, considering you’d practically raided this level nearly a half dozen times.

Even though the hobgoblins had considerable numbers, the felt the time was right for an ambush. As it turned out, either by chance or by design, they couldn’t have chosen better ground for a fight. The hobgoblins numbers were tightly packed in a ‘Y’ branched corridor, allowing not only for maximum Area-of-Effect attacks, but also offering you a chance to attack from two sides.

Zekknar’s spells wreaked havoc on the hobgoblin forces. The mage has a deep arsenal of arcane might at his disposal, and he chose to open the fight with a spell he hadn’t used before: Color Spray.



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