Ascendants Rising - A Forgotten Realms Campaign

16th Flamerule, 1479 - The Year of the Ageless One

The party awakens, refreshed, in the Halfmoon Inn.

While resting at the Halfmoon Inn, in the VIP dining room, the party is approached by a merchant they noticed in the common area. The man says his name is Harwin, and that he’d like to buy the party a round of drinks, maybe join them for a little conversation. Thranduil becomes very suspicious, even belligerant. Harwin gets a little shaken, and quickly leaves the inn. Apavan and Koji steathily follow.

As Apavan and Koji set out in pursuit of Harwin, Dalsein follows them out the door of the Inn as well, but takes up a position outside to smoke a bowl and keep an eye out and to aid his companions if they come back with trouble. Moments later, the dragonborn mage (he the party later learns is named Surina) emerges from the inn as well, apparently very interested in Apavan, Koji, and Harwin’s exit. The mage hadn’t noticed Dalsein, and is startled when she does. She and her imp familiar return to the inn.

Apavan and Koji follow Harwin across the gloom environs of the Seven-Pillared Hall. He takes them on a winding path through the northern part of the outpost, past the giant minotaur statue and the magic circle at its feet (where the Mages of Saruun teleport to and from their doorless tower) around to the east, where they eventually lose him. All they see is a few duergar entering the Grimmerzhul Trading Post.


Meanwhile, back at the outhouse, things were piling up. A man from deGrey’s past suddenly strode into the Halfmoon Inn – former Cormyrian Purple Dragon named Terrlen Darkseeker and two of his men. Terrlen recognized deGrey and immediately confronted him. deGrey never really spoke of his past, but cleared there was history between these two, and it was all bad. Their heated words quickly turned into a duel, and it rapidly escalated into a duel to the death.

When it was all over, the duel had spread into the street, and Terrlen Darkseeker had slain Tibault deGrey.

Moments later, Brugg and his enforcers showed up. Darkseeker and his men turned on the ogre and his henchmen, and the fight was on. In the confusion, Brugg’s hobgoblin and bugbear lackey’s ended up tangling with the party. Fortunately, the fight was stopped with the arrival of the Ordinator Arcanus, but not before Terrlen Darkseeker shifted into the form of a werewolf and fled the Hall (Koji in quick pursuit)!


Nonplussed, taking it all in stride, the Ordinator Arcanus took command of the situation. Brugg was ordered to stand down (though he really wanted to take down the party) and the Ordinator Arcanus invited the rest of the party into the Inn for a word.

Koji managed to catch the almost mortally wounded Terrlen Darkseeker, and slay him.

The Ordinator Arcanus had many questions for the party, while also providing the background and history of the Seven-Pillard Hall. He told you about the long dead civilization of minotaurs who built a great empire, the ruins of the ancient city you see around at its center:

At the pinnacle of Saruun Khel’s might, great minotaur city of old upon whose remains you now trod, the minotaurs exploration took them to the vast caverns throughout Thunderspire. There they found crude, forsaken altars. The minotaur priests’ divinations revealed that the deep caverns of Thunderspire were sacred to Torog in his manifestation as the Patient One, a horrible creature of eyes and mouths that waits in the darkness. The minotaurs agreed to honor him even though they were devoted to the demon lord Baphomet. The first of these unholy places the minotaurs built in Torog’s name was the Chamber of Eyes. Little did they expect to have their prayers answered, and for their sins; they were. But not by Torog, though the minotaurs thought it to be so. It was Orcus, demon Prince of the Undead that answered them and bound the high priest to his will.

However, three centuries ago, when a ritual that would open the floodgates to the Abyss was almost completed Baphomet learnt of Orcus treachery. A battle for the throne of Saruun Khel erupted into a vicious civil war. The Baphomet loyal tribes faced the might of the high priest of Orcus and his loyal subjects. The demon lord Baphomet infused his followers with mindless fury, allowing them to defeat the heretics. War rage throughout Sarrun Khell. When Orcus subjects were defeated, the survivors took to battling one another until only a few minotaurs remained in the ruins of the once-great city. Some say that the madness and violence that descended upon Saruun Khel in its final days was Baphomet’s vengeance against his people for daring to offer sacrifices to another power – very few know the real truth.

The heretical minotaur followers of Torog are long gone. A few years ago, the Bloodreavers discovered the site and turned it into a defensible lair. They’re led by an obscene brute that names himself Krand.

The Ordinator Arcanus went on to explain that his apprentice, a mage named Paldemar, had recently disappeared. The Mages of Saruun had sent the wizard on a mission, and it was thought that the apprentice may have ended up tangled with the Bloodreavers in some way. He offered a reward of a magic Ring of Protection if the party could solve the mystery of Paldemar’s disappearance, and return him (if possible).

Koji rejoined the group and confesses that in his pursuit and battle with Terrlen Darkseeker, the werewolf bit him and must have infected him with lycanthropy! The party tries to find aid from the only temple within the Seven-Pillared Hall, a temple devoted to Torm, run by a dragonborn named Phaledra. Unfortunately, the priestess has no such power or ritual at hand.

The party sets off in pursuit of the Bloodreavers. Eventually they locate their base (thanks to a map provided by the Oridnator Arcanus). An ancient temple from the times of Saruun Khel called The Chamer of Eyes – an accursed shrine dedicated Torog, the King That Crawls.

After their long journey through the catacombs, the party rested the night before taking on the Bloodreavers in their home base.



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