Torm, The Loyal Fury

Symbol of torm

The Loyal Fury is the greater god of law, dutifully upholding the strictures of civilization. Torm is served by paladins and other holy champions. Ever steadfast and true, he is consumed by his sense of duty.

Torm requires the following:

  • Respect and enforce the law, and honor your traditions.
  • Demonstrate truthfulness, loyalty, and steadfast devotion to a rightful cause.
  • Do not flinch in the execution of your duty, no matter what the consequence.

There are many knightly orders dedicated to Torm. Members of these groups serve as the adventuring and warrior branches of Torm’s clergy and go on many quests in the service of Torm. The members of this tier of the faiths heirarchy are known as the Swords of Torm, and most (if not all) of the Swords are crusaders and paladins in various knightly orders, such as the Order of the Golden Lion, of which Talon is a member.

Torm, The Loyal Fury

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