The Roll of Years

Several kingdoms, regions, and cities throughout Faerûn have their own forms of annual reckoning. One of the most widely recognized (and the one used herein) is the Dalereckoning (DR) calendar. This calendar dates to the time, nearly 1,500 years ago, when humans were first permitted by elves to settle in the more open regions of Cormanthor—the event that led to the formation of the Dalelands.

Despite the various forms of annual reckoning used around the continent, most folk refer to births, deaths, weddings, and other events by the name of the year. For example, 1479 DR is the Year of the Ageless One. Children learn the order of the years from bards, artistic designs in temples, and their elders.

Although the meanings of year names are often obscure, most years (until they arrive) are seen as mysterious portents of the time ahead. The Roll of Years familiar to most folk was penned by Auguthra the Mad and expanded by the great sage Alaundo in the library of Candlekeep. A second Roll of Years, known as the Black Chronology, is said to exist as well, penned in darkness by Auguthra and held in secret by the Church of Shar.

Below is a brief accounting of the recent Roll of Years and the years to come that would be known by most adventurers.


1477 DR – Year of the Purloined Statue
1478 DR – Year of the Dark Circle
1479 DR – Year of the Ageless One (current year)
1480 DR – Year of Deep Water Drifting
1481 DR – Year of the Thoughtless Suitor
1482 DR – Year of the Narthex Murders

The Roll of Years

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