The Calendar of Harptos


Most cultures of Faerûn follow the Calendar of Harptos, named for the long-dead wizard who invented it. The Faerûnian year is 365 days long, marked by the passage of Toril around the sun. The year is divided into twelve months of thirty days, loosely coinciding with the waxing and waning of Selûne, and five annual holidays. In lieu of weeks, each month is divided into three tendays, also known as rides. Once every four years, Shieldmeet is added to the Calendar of Harptos as a “leap day” immediately following Midsummer night.

Particular days of the ride or month have no special names. Instead, days of the ride are denoted by counting from the beginning of the tenday. For example, “one-day, two-day, three-day,” and so on. Days of the month are noted as numbers followed by the month name. For example, sages might record a date as occurring on “1 Mirtul” or “27 Uktar” or “Midsummer.”

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The Calendar of Harptos

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