"Rikkit" Warhammer +2

weapon (melee)
"Rikkit" Warhammer +2
Level 6

This hammer is made almost entirely of stone. The silver inlaid shaft is polished smoky dark quartz that is almost entirely opaque. It’s dark gray quartzite head has a large polished onyx embedded in the center on both sides, and upon it’s head, carved in Dethek runes is the dwarven word “Rikkit”, which as every dwarf knows; translates as “a small stone that falls on your head when you walk down a tunnel”. It looks quite heavy, though it’s no heavier than a normal weapon. But it hits your enemies like a battering ram.

Weapon: Warhammer
Enhancement: +2 to Attack rolls and Damage rolls
Weight: 5
Critical: The target is knocked Prone
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Damage: 1d10 damage
Group: Hammer

Properties: Versatile, A Small character such as a halfling must use a versatile weapon two-handed, and doesn’t deal extra damage.


"Rikkit" Warhammer +2

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