Zekknar Miritar

Physical Description

Zekknar is 5’10", weight 150lbs, has a fair complexion, and silvery blond hair. Slight of build, with no scars. Always immaculately clean and meticulously groomed. Zekknar walks with the typical, otherworldly grace of an Eladrin, but there is also a stiffness to his demeanor. A stiffness that implies a somewhat arrogant, aloof manner. More to come…


Fine, knee length light robes in earth tone shades of green and brown. Embroidered with patterns of leaves and vines. Typically wears a dark, moss green cloak.

Visible Gear

Zekknar views most weaponry (for himself) with disdain, even the preferred weaponry of your typical Wizard (ie Staff or Rod). He instead has honed his not inconsiderable skill in the use of Wands. As such, he had a fine leather belt crafted by an Elven craftsman in Myth Drannor to holster not only his current wand of choice, but those he hopes to craft and collect in his adventures across Faerun. There are three thin but sturdy cylindrical leather holsters on each hip of the embossed leather belt to hold no less than six wands, with two small doe skin belt pouches on either side of the finely engraved silver belt buckle to hold spell components. While Zekknar often wears a dark, moss green cloak as well, you’ve noticed there are several more pouches of various sizes behind the wand holsters, and even at his back. Aside from his wand(s), it would appear that Zekknar carries no other weaponry.


Zekknar Miritar is one of the new generation of eladrin; born in Faerun, born in the Tier’dal city of Myth Drannor, in the great forest of Cormanthor. Until recently, he’d spent all 62 years of his life in Myth Drannor. His father was Habrisien Miritar, brother to the great eladrin lord Seiveril Miritar (now deceased). Zekknar’s father died twenty years ago, in 1459 DR, the “Year of the Forged Sigil”. His mother, Runladwyn Miritar, died not long after that, in 1463 DR; the “Year of the Reborn Hero”. Zekknar has not spoken of the nature of their demise.

Faerun has been the only world Zekknar has ever known, and while the stories of the Feywild told by his parents and so many of the elders were interesting enough, Zekknar has always taken pride in being from this world. And while he has visited the Feywild many times, and it is certainly of surpassing beauty, it holds little lasting interest for the eladrin Mage.

Zekknar studied under Taursirion Norovol in the recently reclaimed and rebuilt Incanisteaum, the legendary academy of magic in Myth Drannor. But Zekknar had only one desire: to leave. To explore Faerun. A sentiment that is extremely rare for the residents of Myth Drannor, who feel their destiny of reclaiming and protecting their ancient homeland is far from complete.


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