Thunt Beltbreaker


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Symbol of Chauntea

Thunt Beltbreaker, Acolyte to Sister Linora.
Acolytes to Sister Linora, High Priestess of Chauntea, perform rituals common to a predominantly farming community; Crop/herd blessing, harvest rituals, and the like. Acolytes learn, with intense study, how “things” grow; be they fauna or flora.
They are divinely endowed primarily to support these causes and protect them.

Because of his seemingly preternatural inability to grow anything of the earth, Thunt has taken a keen interest in the study of civics in determining what factors contribute to a successful community; as he considers it a “living, growing” entity. This extends his duties to what could be considered social security measures like healing/caring for the sick, injured and elderly. And further, into the near political realm, where order, communal endeavors and the like must prevail for a community to exist, grow and flourish. So, he actively supports the local watch and participates in town meetings to offer his insight on mandates, laws and the like on behalf of the temple.

One can only wonder, given his family history and it’s role in the downfall of Thunderholme and it’s ruler, Dagan the Fool, if these ideals were inbred or cultivated by his father and grandfather in the hopes that one day their progeny will return to reclaim Thunderholme to bring it to (or beyond!) it’s former glory without the previous political machinations that brought about it’s destruction .

The pursuit of the aforementioned course has left little time for training in the martial arts. In fact, Thunt has never donned armor, nor brandished a (mundane) weapon in defense of himself or in the course of his duties. Thunt has taken his order’s adage, “The Great Mother provides” to it’s extreme. He feels his faith, and power derived from it, can bring to bear any resources needed to perform his duties to his order. This is not to say he isn’t able to protect himself, however….

He wears only robes because 99% of his duties involve, manual labor, visitations with invalids, town meetings, temple rituals and the like. Further he only uses the power of Chauntea to combat his foes when the very rare occasion presents itself. He lives a very Zen lifestyle, basically carrying with him very little as the Great Mother provides all else. This is not to say he refuses things. As he recognizes gifts, offerings and whatnot are needed for a temple to survive (and grow!) and understands communities need a place of worship and the other benefits it provides. All of these services require money to attain their materials.

Due to his faith in the Great Mother, above all else, he abhors undead. They do not come from the earth, nor do they return it after death. They exist as abominations to all life and growing things, serving nothing but their own desire for suffering and death, never providing for the greater good. He has brought, on a few occasions, the full brunt of his power to bear when undead have threatened Winterhaven and it’s surrounding farms and families. Smoking craters with wispy smoke trails are often all that remain from those encounters, such is his rage directed toward those creatures. If Thunt encounters such creatures he stops at nothing(!) to immediately attack and destroy them; without care to his own or other’s well being.

Present day….
Sister Linora implores upon Thunt to visit the elves and seek help in regards to the Shar threat. He is embittered to learn of this threat under his watch and wants to take more direct involvement in it’s conclusion. However, he is duty bound to carry this message of assistance to the elves on the Sister’s behalf. If any beings inheritently worship and support the ideals of Chauntea it would be the elves of Cormanther; or so Thunt believed. Perhaps his desire to deal with this himself colored his words or maybe it was just the general aloofness of the race and their disregard for the general welfare of non-elves, he leaves with his request for help unfulfilled. Still berating himself for failing in his task, Thunt returns to Winterhaven. Visiting with Lord Padraig and other prominent and knowledgeable folk in the community, Thunt has learned what has been discovered and what actions the small band of adventurers have taken in defense of his town thus far. He moves to make himself known to the band and implore them to accept his assistance….

Thunt Beltbreaker

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