A particularly large and powerful hobgoblin, Irontooth’s many battle scars were a testament to his experience in battle. He wore a wolf fur cloak and a chain shirt. The mighty goblin wielded a huge two-handed battle axe in battle. And while he wielded it with surprising skill, it ultimately cost him his life when his slow sweeping swings went up against Neijer’s lightning reflexes and blinding speed with the short sword.


Irontooth was the hobgoblin commanding the Kobold’s that had been raiding up and down the East Way for weeks prior to your arrival. The mighty goblin warchief was killed by the group when Ninaran the elven ranger mislead them into believing his base of operations was the secret meeting place of a cult devoted to the worship of Shar, the Mistress of Night. Ninaran told the group that the Kobold Lair was long abandoned, but this was a ruse intended to lure the party into the clutches of Irontooth and the kobolds. Ninaran assumed the overwhelming kobold’s overwhelming numbers, and Irontooth’s axe, would put an end to the party snooping around Winterhaven. She was wrong.

Irontooth s message scroll

The party one item of particular interest in one of Irontooth’s belt pouches after the battle. A note written by someone named Kalarel. It was the first reference the party had of a man they would later discover was the mastermind behind it all: the kobold raids, Bairwin Wildarson’s rise to prominence in Winterhaven, Ninaran’s role as spy in the sleepy little town, and the secret cult devoted to the worship of the evil goddess known as Shar.


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