Ascendants Rising - A Forgotten Realms Campaign

15th Flamerule, 1479 - The Year of the Ageless One

The party awakens this morning, within the Iron Throne mine, eager to set off in pursuit of the Bloodreavers.

The party spends maybe an hour, heading north through the mine, plunging ever deeper in Thunderspire, when they spot torchlight spilling into the passage ahead from an open door.


Koji stealths to the door, and peers within, find that the largish room seems to be a guard post occupied by a half dozen hobgoblins… Bloodreavers. After another successful ambush, the party finds a captive in an adjoining room. But not one of the people Winterhaven. A halfling, named Rendil Halfmoon.

Rendil tells you that he actually lives within the mountain, in a place called the Seven-Pillared Hall. He says the Hall is something of a small outpost within the Labyrinth (the endless twisting passages the stretch for miles in every direction). He claims that the Bloodreavers, normally not welcome in the Hall, had been hanging around the Halfmoon Inn, run by his father. Curious, Rendil had followed some of them here, but they caught him spying.

Rendil seems a good sort, and promises the party show them the way, and that they can stay at the Halfmoon Inn if they’ll escort him back to the Seven-Pillared Hall.

The party agrees, and accompanies Rendil to the Hall.


The Seven-Pillared Hall is wondrous in its way. A safe zone in a wilderness of great danger and malevolence. A giant cavern, home to scores of residents. Houses of stone and clay sprawl about the place. Others, carved from the walls of the immense grotto. The party looks about them in wonder as Rendil leads them across the Hall, to the Halfmoon Inn. And not without some trepidation. The Hall is home to many races that would normally be at each other throats, but they cross paths with the party as if its just a midday stroll. Dwarves, goblins, kobolds, duergar, even an ogre!


The ogre introduces himself as the party is making its way across the Hall. He is Brugg, local enforcer for the lords of this tiny outpost: the Mages of Saruun. Brugg warns you to stay outta trouble, and waves you off.

At the Halfmoon Inn, Erra Halfmoon is relieved to see his son walk through the door. Then, angry! Once Rendil was sufficiently chastised and sent on his way, Erra assured the party that as long as they stayed in the Hall, they could count on lodging at the inn, and any help Erra could provide.

A few of the Halfmoon Inn’s patrons draw the party’s eye:

  • A halfling bard that calls himself Bennik the Wanderer, though the party doesn’t approach the young minstrel.
  • A dragonborn mage of some nature. The party learns from Erra that she calls herself Surina.
    Harwin, a human merchant.
  • A human who might be a merchant gives them an appraising look as the party crosses the room.

Other customers in the tavern included a few dwarves, another human or two, and a rare site: two deep gnomes (or svirfneblin) who mostly kept to themselves and seemed very confused when Apavan approached them in gnomish solidarity.

Erra briefly introduces the staff at the Halfmoon Inn as well:

  • Cirellas Broadhorn, the cook (race unknown, since he never left the kitchen)
  • William “Moody Bill” Young, the human bouncer
  • Dardara Millwood, human serving girl

The party gives their thanks to the halfling innkeeper and retire for the night.



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