Ascendants Rising - A Forgotten Realms Campaign

11th Flamerule, 1479 - The Year of the Ageless One

We awaken on the 2nd day of our mission to save the people of Winterhaven from the Bloodreaver Clan.

Last night we rode half the night to return Etavia and Jaskur Windersson to the village. This morning we set out once again.

Zekknar has not been idle in our absence. He has found some information in Valthrun’s Tower on Thunderspire and an ancient minotaur city said to be within its depths: Saruun Khel.

Zekknar’s notes:
A book within Valthrun’s library spoke of an ancient city within the heart of Thunderspire. A city once named Saruun Khel. An ancient minotaur city. A city the local subterranean denizens referred to as “The Labyrinth”.

According to Zekknar’s research, Saruun Khel fought many devastating wars with neighboring enemies centuries ago, but that it eventually fell from within. The book speaks of the minotaur demon lord Baphomet, Prince of Beasts, worshipped by all minotaurs. It speaks of Baphomet’s hatred for the gnoll god Yeenoghu, but hints that it was not the gnolls or their bloody god that laid low Saruun Khel. The book alludes to some other dark power. A god? Another demon lord? A malign evil that poisoned the minotaurs already dark souls. That perhaps Baphomet himself roused from his realm, from the 600th layer of the Abyss, a realm Baphomet’s priests name the Endless Maze. That Baphomet, horned god of battle, struck down the evil that had tainted his followers, only to turn upon those that had forsaken the demon lord, destroying them and great Saruun Khel.

His notes on minotaurs are sparse, but he did learn that not all minotaurs are thought to be evil (though most certainly are). Apparently Saruun Khel traded with the surface at one time, and while the city within the heart of Thunderpsire was by no means recognized as a state, surrounding lands seemed to at least tolerate the minotaurs presence.

He also found that minotaurs have a strange obsession with constructing mazes and labyrinths. They were reputedly industrious builders and cutters of stone, so expect a twisting warren of passages if you ever find the ruined city.



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